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Friday, 10 April 2015

Look forward for Stipend based training and Freelancing

EME Technologies is the first software development company which is providing this course of freelancing. The course is for the betterment of the students but the question is raised that how we can do it. We are offering 6 weeks industrial training with stipend and as well the freelancing via which trainee can earn more money with training.

Lets just a example to make it understand. in 3rd year or 2nd year of your degree the students are aware about the technologies such as C,C++,HTML, Data Entry or etc. but what is the use of that so we will provide the students a platform via which they can earn money with these skills only.

Now, making the things easy what we want is that students must implement the live projects from 2nd or 3rd year the benefits of that is we will get the experienced candidates when we hire them.

What is your benefit? You will learn new things and earn experience and as well you will come to know about the latest technology.

We hire the best candidates who perform best while their industrial training and provide the stipend accordingly in training.

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