Thursday, 14 May 2015

awairness from marketing strategy by EME Technologies, 6 week stipend based industrial training in chandigarh

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I am studying in a coaching institute in Chandigarh sector 34-A which is also the education training hub of Chandigarh. There are n numbers institute in this area and they provide almost all type of training such as GATE, IES, HAS, UGC-NET and many more training program for further study or higher study. Many other institutes also provide industrial training program for 6 week and 6 month and so in different field like computer training JAVA, .NET, PHP, ANDROID and Animation.
Here I am not talking about their teaching quality and training programs or fees structure etc. when a student come here he/she is very confused. The first confusion is what”I choose JAVA or .NET or PHP”. And the same confusion is for the some other students “I choose GATE and CAT”. They get more confused when they meet marketing boy or agents of the different- different coaching institute. These agents just look the student and they understand he/she looking for attend training course. The agents run towards the students and take their smart move. They define their institute and their course first they catch their interest field and defining  that they are  best in that field and tells about the offers and other benefit to the student and they don’t lose the student until he or she not come to their coaching institute. Once the student meets their HR or receptionist they are very formal and well behaved to the student and define there are no other institute better than us. And after this entire thing student is some time completely brainwashed and he/she see everything good in that institute and take admission. Some time he/she regrets for his decision
Student should check all the parameter and condition of the institute and he or she should take the demo class of the subject and also need to talk other student who is studying In the institute. The environment of outside the training centre very different from the reality does not take your decision very quickly.
Listen everybody but take the final design by yourself.  

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