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Summer training in Chandigarh, with EME Technologies which also provide 6 week/ 6month industrial training in Chandigarh.

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EME Technologies is found in 2007 by the best technocrats and very experienced person Mr. Sunil bhutani, and now EME Technologies is one of the most leading software company in Chandigarh. EME Technologies is the government approved software company. EME Technologies Provides all computer technology under one roof. We also provide industrial training in almost all computer technology and every computer language, like JAVA, .NET, PHP, Android etc. We provide not only teaching but the actual implementation and practical knowledge of these languages. To improve practical skills we give the chance to work on the live projects. By the working on live projects student will get the proper working environment of a company and the have also chance to interact with the client. That will be very helpful to student for their future.
Apart from the all, we have a very modernized software developing laboratory in which laptop and personal computer all facility is available. The all software and developing tool is installed on these computers. The lab and the other facility like development classes is available at every time for the students. The team leader and the other employee of the company is also ready to help or guide the student every time, than either he or she belong from any technology.
The teaching style of the trainer is good and unique from the other entire institute and the coaching centre. The trainers of the EME Technologies is very high qualified and experienced from the other software company some of them is the ex trainer of the top MNC company. The experience, behaviour and modern thing is very helpful to the student to learning. The student have a very special benefit to choose EME Technologies and the benefit is that the student will get the additional technologies like we provide CorelDraw classes and responsive website designing classes and some other very important tool who very useful in this time. These additional technologies is for all the student than either he or she is from JAVA, PHP, .NET or any other technology
Some key benefit to choose EME Technologies
1:-government authorized company
EME Technologies is one of the very least company Chandigarh which is government approved for the teaching or software training . So student can easily trust on the quality of the EME Technologies.   
2:-Free/stipend based industrial training
 EME Technologies is the only private company institute who give the chance to all the students to get the free industrial training for six month and six week by cross the simple technical aptitude test. On the other hand we give stipend to the student who get the free training and some other student who really need it and deserve it.
3:-Live projects
Because EME Technologies is the top leading company in Chandigarh so, students have chance to work on the live projects. There are few company or institute who allow the student to work on the live project. To work on the live project is very beneficial to the student for their future where they are work.
4:-Experienced trainer
The trainer of the EME Technologies is highly qualified and very experienced in their field. The teaching style is very good and some of the trainer has a huge experience of working in the top MNC like Accenture, IBM, and Infosys.     
5:-additional technology
We provide the additional technology for all the students either it is from JAVA or from PHP the additional is like bootstrap, it is use for responsive design and it is very useful to in this time. We also provide classes of CorelDraw which is use for making HD image and banner. 
6:-modern laboratory
The laboratory is very good we provide personal computer and laptops to the student for their work and these are full of every needful software and important tool and these are available every time.
7:-Corporative nature of employee
The employee is also very helpful sometime student need some help than the employee of the company is ready to help. Apart from that student groups have a team leader from the employee who is every time ready to help.
8:-chance to get placed in company
EME Technologies is held placement drive of different-different company to recruit their students it is a good opportunity to make their future.


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