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Monday, 27 April 2015

6 Weeks Summer Training In Chandigarh (Google Glass)

Google Glass : Google Glass is a unique attempt which enables it to make a wearable computing smart pair of glasses with an integrated display and a hidden battery in the frame. The core of this device is its tiny prism display which sits a little above the eye line. The Google Glass price in India is not available and is still a mystery.

Design and dimensions
In terms of design the glass is said to come with a GPS chip and a lightweight flexible glass design which will come in five colors of black, orange, grey, white and blue.

Display and looks
The glass uses a transparent LCD/AMOLED display that comes embedded with a camera, microphone, GPS and uses bone induction for producing sound.

Seamless Connectivity
For connectivity features the glasses are said to come with, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that would be used to send pictures to the screen and whilst bone induction may be used for sound, vibrating your skull to communicate it into your inner ear.

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